Saturday, November 27, 2010

Welcome to the blog!!!

The babies (as we still call them) are now 18 months old and are doing great. Skye still has her trach(apart from the 3 or 4 times a day she takes it out) and has just had her old feeding tube replaced with a Mickey button. She will only eat like a bird (i.e literally crumbs) unless of course she finds something she shouldnt like paper, or carpet fibers and then she seems to have no feeding issues at all. She is like a tiny doll, but super cheeky and sassy. The other day she was being told off by daddy and she smacked him round the face and ran off ..... what else can i say!!!

Henley is a big boy and bullies poor Skye mercilessly. I think he has been watching too much football as he has tackling down to a fine art. He is also our daredevil whose head is a magnet to tiled floors, sharp corners and anything generally dangerous. He can open doors, climb out of his playpen and would probably take the car keys and drive down the street if i left them out.

Hope you like the photos and videos!!!

This is Henley escaping from the pack & play

The babies playing ball!!!