Sunday, March 20, 2011

Baseball and a bump on the head

This weekend, Henley went out with Keith to watch his first baseball game and had a great time!!! I stayed at home with Skye but Keith said Henley was playing on the field next to the game, running and running (his favourite thing). He was also playing with a little girl (about 7 or 8) chasing her and running away. He was apparantly laughing each time the players were throwing the ball around and joined in clapping along with everyone else at the game and he came back exhausted!!!

Poor Skye !!!! She fell and bashed her forehead on the marble windowsill today.... she is going to have a corker of a bruise. As everyone knows Henley is always black and blue as he is always a daredevil and his favourite game is running with his eyes closed, but this is the first time Skye has really hurt herself. I think, however it may not be the last bump she gets as she is starting to become more adventurous...

One more thing.... I think we are entering into the terrible two's territory as both Henley and Skye have started to throw themselves around when the dont get their own way. Skye couldnt get her little purse open today and she started to cry then scream !!! I had to laugh but I'm sure I wont be laughing for long!!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Lazy Blogger

Yes, yes, I know I have been a lazy blogger this month...My resolution to post once a week isnt going well right now due to being so busy with everything else and the babies no longer let me sit at the computer.. in fact we no longer have any chairs out around the table due to Henley's climbing antics.

That said, I do have some updates from today's pulmo visit!!!! Firstly it's an important day as it was Henley's LAST synagis double torture shot(s) and he doesn't need to go back till May for a check up. Skye will go back next month and she will still be able to get Synagis till May when she is 2 due to the trach etc. Still I think it will a better visit for her without Henley as he does demand the most attention and his screaming and crying when he sees the nurse/doctor/receptionist sets her off too.

Skye weighed 24lb 7oz and was 31.5 inches. I personally think her weight last month which showed no increase was inaccurate as this is gain reflects what she normally gains in 2 months. She is the 5-10% for height (but am I !!!) and 25-50% weight

Henley weighed 29lb 12oz and was 35.5 inches. He does seem big. When I was holding him the other day, Keith commented he was almost as big as me now!!! He is (amazingly) 75-90% for height and 50-75% for weight

Monday, March 7, 2011

At the playground

So here as promised are some photos as taken by our official photographer Erin (Thanks!!) She visited and we took the babies to the park and she snapped away and got some great shots.

As for the sickness at home, I am all better, Keith had the sniffles one evening (that was it!) and Henley and Skye are feeling better (playing, eating etc, back to themselves) except they still both have a lot of secretions which they are coughing up mostly, so I will watch them over the next few days....

Here are the photos!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sick babies quick update

Today Skye seems much better!! No suctioning last night or today... still lots of secretions, but she is coughing them out herself now. Henley woke up so snotty with a horrible rattly cough (although his chest sounds clear), so I have given him breathing treatments as well. The pulmonologist has also ordered him some prednisolone so hopefully he will get much better in the next 24 hours like Skye did. Now I am sick!!! (hardly surprising considering I have been coughed and sneezed at non stop since Sunday!) Keith is the last man standing!!! Warm baths and advil for everyone!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oh No The babies are sick!!!

Both the babies got sick!!! This is the first time Henley has ever been sick and Skye has not been sick since last summer......

We went to the pulmonologist on Friday and I'm thinking that must be it as Skye started to get very junky Sunday daytime. I had to dig out the old suction machine which had been in storage (not used since November) and suction her a couple of times overnight on Sunday as she was gurgling in her trach. I have also uncapped her to let her cough everything out.  Both babies have very snotty, runny noses and Skye had a slight temp yesterday. I have been giving her 4 breathing treatments a day and our pulmonologist called in some prednisolone liquid for her. Henley is toughing it out, although he is sneezing and pouring snot everywhere and I am giving them both Advil day and night. Everyone's chest sounds clear so far, and Skye's scretions are plentiful but white and I'm suctioning every 6 hours or so, but its no antibiotics right now.....