Sunday, August 7, 2011

Updated photos!!

So we have not put Skye's trach in for months now. I do put the cannula (tail of the trach) into the stoma (hole) each night just to keep it open, but its out the rest of the time. I truly belive the trach doc just wants to keep her trached for the $$$. Yes, there you go, I thought it for a long time, now I said it out loud.  They went to do a bronchoscopy last week, but the anesthetist at our local hospital was not happy putting her under without a PICU back up, so her procedure was canceled. No probs, now I guess we will be referred to someone else to decide whether or not we can take her trach out, when in reality I took it out last May. Ho hum, here are some updated photos!
This is what he does when you say 'show me your teeth!!'

Having fun with mashed potato.

Isn't she beautiful!!!! Skye on the giraffe feeding platform

Last May on their 2nd birthday at disney. You can see how much bigger Henley is !

 Henley trying to use Skye's feeding tube on himself

Henley playing with Skye's trach