Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Henley reading!!

I know... I dont post for ages, then you get 2 posts in 3 days! Here is the little video I made of Henley 'reading'. Even though he cant sign or speak, we have found out if we show him a word once he will remember it! I think he picked the first few up from 'Your Baby Can Read' which I never thought he paid any attention to, but since then I can show him a word like 'ball' and he will go fetch the ball. I taught him 'wiggle' and 'kick' once and he still knows  them! Its good to see he is learning even if its differently to Skye (who we think is super smart) and evn if he hides it well!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sensory Issues and Beautiful Photos

Henley finally had his occupational therapy assessment last week (we had been waiting forever) due to his only walking on his toes, and having his hands over his ears all the time. He also has meltdowns if another child cries or shouts, which makes going to the park an issue. Firstly, let me say that I know these symptoms, especially  when you include the fact that he doesnt talk at all are classic red flags for autism, but it seems that I was right to listen to my gut feeling that this wasnt autism we were dealing with. The OT diagnosed him as having sensory issues and may give us an official diagnosis of Sensory Processing Disorder after he is worked with a little more. The fact that he makes great eye contact with everyone (including therapists he has just met), loves to play and involves everyone and is extremently loving (he hugs everyone and is very social) means they are not looking at autism, and that his issues are likely all sensory. What this means in a nutshell is that he hates loud noises, they really bother him, almost causing him pain (he fell to his knees with his hands over his ears screaming the other day when Keith forgot and whistled) and he needs specific sensory input, especially if we expect him to concentrate. So he will be having deep tissue massages, wearing weights (sounds crazy I know) and playing with funny things likestretch body suits and pushing heavy things around. He LOVES all this by the way! and it explains a lot - when he gets all the toys out and instead of playing with them, ROLLS all over them, swimming in them he is trying to get this input. He is also so strong and a daredevil with no fear, common with sensory issues.

Skye is doing well, and we went to see a special VPK place last week, where they take them at 3 instead of 4 if they have developmental delays or health issues - she loved it! She instantly integrates into a classroom setting and is off, doing her little 'dance' in front of other kids (its her way of saying hi, as she doesnt speak) and playing with them. (Henley of course, is in my arms with his hands over his ears). I hope she gets accepted there as its exactly what she needs, she is like a social butterfly and never wants to come home when we go anywhere!

Finally, before I show you some beautiful pictures Erin took of them (thanks once again, I love them!) I must just say a thankyou to Shelby for entertaining/wrestling Skye while we were at the hearing clinic at CMS a couple of weeks ago (both of them passed their hearing tests by the way) - I guess she is definately more lively than she was last time you looked after her!

Here are the pictures, Henley was sleepy and almost fell asleep while he was on the swing, he's not normally this calm!!