Monday, June 6, 2011

Yes, I know....

You're all right, it has been a LONG time since I sat down to post. I keep waiting for things to slow down around here, but if anything they are getting busier, so I figure if I dont get back into my blog now, it will just fizzle out, so here goes !!!

Firstly we moved house. Only about 10 miles south of where we were but even though our house still needs some work, WE LOVE IT !!! We have been painting, painting and painting, although of course we can only really do this when the babies (still call them that, will have to think of a new word as they are far from babies) are asleep. We made the mistake of trying to paint one evening when Henley was still up, and suddenly I saw him running  past me with  yellow hands - he had found the paint lid. He also tries to rattle the ladder when Keith is up it, so we were back to painting at night time. The main color in the house right now for those of you who are interested is MUSTARD. Sounds horrible, I know but it looks fab and we love it, come and check it out when we are done and I will prove you wrong!!

Secondly I am in school!! I decided to go for Diagnostic Medical Sonography. I especially like the abdomen and cardiology side of the work for some strange reason... It will be another 2 years till I graduate, which seems like forever, but the timing will be good as the babies will be going to school as I start work. Most of my spare time after babies, chores and painting is now schoolwork, so yes, my blog has suffered.

What else... Oh yeah, the babies turned 2!!! We went to Disney and they enjoyed themselves, but half a day is enough. We got 6 month passes so we can keep going back and do a little at a time. It takes so long to get into the park from your car I think they thought that was part of the fun. All 4 of us crammed into one of Dumbos flying cars and went on that ride - they loved it - Im scared of heights so I had my eyes shut through most of it, while saying 'weeeeeee' like it was fun, they were fooled and said 'weeeeeee' back so it worked out.

I have photos, I'll upload them seperately, and I'm going to Target today to book them ion to get their 'official' photos taken, they always do a good job. Medically speaking there are no changes, Skye still has her trach, still pulls it out all the time and wont keep a cap on, she still is tube fed, but is starting to eat more food and to eat it more consistently. For 2 days I only gave her a little juice through her tube (2 oz every 4 hrs) to make her hungry and it worked. She did eat way more, but Keith said she was looking skinny after 2 days so I caved and she's back on pediasure. My plan is to fatten her up and then try again!

Henley still wont talk really, Im holding off on speech therapy for both of them for now, but they are doing loads of other funny things. Skye will do just about anything you ask her to - point to anywhere on her body, stand up, sit down, jump, brush her teeth, although she wont say any of it, and Henley likes to brush my hair, brush my teeth, and drive Skye's car (she has a powered car) all over the house. He is also huge and in the 80% for height and weight. You will see when I post the photos!!!