Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tickle Time

Well as a family we have been really busy lately and the babies have been doing great, with everyone growing and learning new skills... even Henley is starting to talk (a little). He is still mostly the strong silent type, but he's getting there!!

Skye had a GI appointment today... I have to say it was as usual a non-event, where she is weighed, is looked at for 2 seconds and he says "she looks great, no changes". I'm not complaining - we are in and out in no time at all, its my favourite kind of appointment!! Coming up next month we will have the ENT (trach), Pulmo and 2 yr old check up/shots with the pediatircian, so I will enjoy the quiet while I can!!!

Last weekend we went to  he beach and whilst Skye still HATES the ocean and does not like being in the sun, Henley will run full throttle accross the beach and into the ocean as soon as you let go of him. He has to be carried out (crying). I bought them both new swimming shorts and those tight SPF shirts - they look like little surfers.

Here are our latest pics, I dont have many as my last memory stick was full and I only just got around to replacing it, but here we go.....

Tickle Time!!!