Thursday, February 28, 2013


I just had to post these photos of Henley who was absolutely enthralled by Keith on a ladder!!! He was so excited!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Every Feb 26th is our day to remember Summer.... Its hard to comprehend that it has been 3 YEARS since she died but I guess it has. I have resolved that each year we should do something fun as a family and each year on this day we will take time to both remember Summer but also to have fun... One of the reasons for this is that I dont have any new photos of Summy an never will...all I can do is turn out the same photos year after year. From now on Feb 26 will be a family outing and family photo day... here are our 2013 photos...of course Summer is included

Summer loved lollipops!

These guys love their bikes & I-pads/pods

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We are hiding from the flu!

Its been about a month since I pulled the kids out of their special Ed VPK at the local elementary school and I think they are going stir-crazy at home....

After Skye's hospital stay over Christmas for a cold and several local and national news reports about how bad and how fast the flu was spreading the first week of January, I started to get spooked. After reading about the 17 pediatric flu deaths so far and how this flu was specifically casing respiratory issues we decided that we would pull the kids out till (prob) end of Feb/early March.

Luckily we have been reasonably quiet at work, and Keith and I have managed to juggle schedules so one of us is at home with them all the time - they are bored and I feel bad for them. After a month of not really going out (except to the playgound before bath time each day) we broke down and took them to Downtown Disney armed with plenty of handsanitizer at the weekend and they had a great time.

I have been working with them every day to try and get them talking and reading more. Skye is doing so well now, but I have decided Henley needs some more help than he is getting. He wants to talk and tries to read, but I think the problem is more that he cant get the words out - he tries but they dont come out right -hard to explain, but for example, I will say, the cow says 'moo' and he copies it as 'mow' as in mow the lawn,and makes a funny face trying to make it come out. When he goes back I will have to arrange a sit down meeting at the school I think...

Here are a couple of pictures from our outing. Henley attempted several times to climb up that dinosaur skeleton...

I told her 'say cheese'

I could definately get up there if you let me.....