Sunday, February 26, 2012

2 years today since Summer died

I can't believe a whole two years has gone since Summer died..... In Feb 2010, all three babies were at home and I remember life was very fast and stressful with everyone on monitors (Henley just when asleep) and Summer and Skye on CPAP, oxygen, tube feeds, nebulizers etc etc. It was a as  crazy time and upon reflection, now life is relatively calm - yes Skye still has her trach and feeding tube, but there are no more machines, no more constant beeping and no more being in a state of high alert at all times. Although we dont know how Summer would have been if she hadnt died 2 years ago today, I like to think she would be off the vent just like Skye (they did have the same settings most of the time) and might even have had her trach out, as she only needed hers for ventilation, not due to trachea damage (like Skye has). We know she had some brain injury and her little legs were stiff, so I dont imagine she would have been walking but I always knew her mind was good so it didnt matter that her body might not work like it should - She would look at you with such intensity and there was a connection and understanding in her eyes that let me know no matter what had happened to her, she was still Summer inside and she was going to be ok... and it is this part of Summer that I miss the most.

Here is Summy aged about 7 months

Hanging out and watching TV!

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