Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Poop Fest!

Apologies for my lame posting, but my main reason for a new post is usually to show updated pictures, and as we left our camera at someone's house last month (and are still waiting for it to come back in the mail) I dont have anything to upload. Although lacking in pictures, we are not lacking in drama - I consider myself lucky in that we have had relatively few vomit or poop disasters, but the other night Henley changed all that. He is taking off his clothes and diaper ALL the time now, and as long as he is wearing at least a diaper when visitors come I am happy. So the other night as usual he stripped off and as he ran over to me in the lounge I could smell poop. I got off the couch to investigate just as he smeared bear claw tracks of poop all over the seat of our couch... One bathed baby and scrubbed couch later, I think things are good, until I see Skye with something in her mouth...I look (as I hadnt given her anything) and yes,  it was a nugget of Henley's poop OMG... I also discovered it on her feet and she had been walking it around the carpet in the family room... One more baby bathed and one rug scrubbed, I decide I can still smell poop... now Henley is naked again and has smushed poop into the couch of the family room while I was bathing Skye. At this point I'm red hot and decide ITS BEDTIME PEOPLE.... So we go to bed, and as Henley gets into our bed (he still sleeps with us), he is once again naked and smears a big poop smear all over the bed and 2 pillows. Its a good job neither of them can talk, as I wouldn't like them to repeat anything I said at this point as I stripped the bed, changed Henley and got them to sleep for the night... I think its time to potty train for sure.....

As for Skye eating poop, I cant believe she wont eat food , but will eat poop! (yuk) Just wondering if it as disgusting as the time I caught Henley drinking Skye's stomach contents by sucking out of her G-tube last year? Its a toss up....

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  1. Oh yuck!!!! I hope that potty training goes well!